Below are some of my favorite sites for learning, products or just friends.
Gardening Supplies
Raintree Nursery
Nursery in Midwestern WA that has a great variety of plants and herbs. Prices are solid but shipping is a bit slow, due to temperatures for shipping. Ensure you order early.
Urban Farm Store
Local store I found in Portland that has a good selection of chickens and plants.

Learning Resources
The Survival Podcast
Jack covers homesteading, gardening, home protection and prepping for disaster. One of my favorite podcasts.
Paul Wheaton's permaculture site. Great information on growing and sustaining agriculture.
The Urban Farming Guys
Found these guys on YouTube. Lot's of neat homesteading projects in the poverty stricken area of Kansas City. They are transforming a ghetto into a self sufficient community.

Interesting Sites
Looking to the Sky
Friend's site who is working on his pilot's license.
Lower the Bills
Another blog of mine on saving money.