After years of wanting to live a more self sustaining life, in 2011 my wife and I purchased our homestead in the country on 7.5 acres in Washington. We are not in the middle of nowhere and have that all important high speed Internet and grid power.

There are a lot of little goals to accomplish, but the high level goal is to provide for ourselves and reduce our dependency on the massively flawed systems that most Americans are dependent on today. We don't necessarily want remove ourselves completely from these systems, but to choose whether to participate in them.

What systems are we talking about? These systems are the massive industrial systems that deliver most individuals water, energy and food. Food quality in this country is declining while prices are going up. Energy prices in this country are also skyrocketing and show no signs of decreasing.  All these systems are very fragile and can fail at any time with a minor or major event.

We also want to educate our children on nature, teach them independence, and give them a large environment to play in.