Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Building a Fire Pit

If you live on the coast, it is a requirement to have a fire pit.  Well maybe not, but our family enjoys roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire.

Our property has lots of trees, so there is something always falling that needs to be burned or chipped.

I was originally going to try and do something with river rock but felt like that was a bad idea due to exploding rocks.  There were mixed reviews online about using them, therefore, I decided to stay away.

For about $40 at Home Depot I was able to get some cement bricks.

To build the pit, I took a string 18" long and tied it to a stick.  I moved the string, taught in a circle and marked the edges.

With a shovel I dug out about a foot of soil to remove the grass and roots.  I also used a shovel to remove grass around the fire pit.

I poured an inch or so of sand into the pit.  This allowed me to level 3 rows cement of bricks in a circle around the pit.  At the top I used cement 8" pavers that are made to go in a circle.  This created a nice rim for the pit.

I then poured gravel around the pit that I got from the next door rock quarry.

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