Sunday, January 4, 2015


Amazon had a good deal on Black Friday for an AeroGarden. I've wanted to build an indoor hydroponics solution, but have had too many other projects going on. Therefore, I thought I'd try this out first. I am hoping this kick starts me into a bigger solution someday.

The AeroGarden is very easy to setup. It takes about 5 minutes to put it together and another 5 to get everything planted. Seeds are planted into a cork like medium, then pushed into the base. Water is poured into the base. Then the nutrients are added. An electronic control at the bottom handles the lights and pump. The system after a few weeks reminds you to add water and nutrients.

The AeroGarden isn't a cheap solution for gardening. Then again we just went to the store and organic peppers are going for $5.99 a pound. Plus, they are shipped in and not fresh off the plant. The cost of the system was $99 on a Black Friday deal. Then add another $20 for supplies, nutrients and planting material. It looks like the materials will last a few months. They are also sold by MiracleGrow, not my favorite company. I will be looking to source some other nutrients for the system when I get a chance. 

I planted lettuce, peppers, cilantro and basil. So far, the lettuce is doing great. The Basil and Cilantro have just started to come up. Note, this is an indoor system so with the peppers or tomatoes, they have to be hand pollinated.

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