Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Juicing Zucchini, Cucumber and Other Homestead Plants

If you grow Zucchini or cucumbers, you understand how a few plants can give you way more than can be used. There is only so much of Zucchini that can be made into bread, frozen, and cooked.  Therefore, I came up with another way to use Zucchini.

About a year ago we watched a movie called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix.  It was about an Australian who improved his health and dropped a bunch of weight by with a juicing diet.  I also have a friend who undertook this diet and dropped 30 lbs.

For those that know me, Paleo has been working for me and keeping me healthy.  Part of Paleo is vegetables and fruit.

The idea dawned on me to get a juicer and process plants on the homestead that we weren't consuming into a juice.  This adds a healthy drink to the diet.  A few months ago we bought an Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer.  This was recommended to us. The part that I most liked from the recommendation was the ease of cleaning.

What I really like is the addition of garden herbs like mint or borage can also be juiced with some cucumbers, pears, apples, etc... to improve the nutrient diversity and flavor