Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Difference in Egg Color from Homesteaded Chickens

We recently went on vacation and forgot to take our own eggs.  We have more eggs then we can eat on the homestead.  Can you believe we forgot them? Therefore, for the first time in years, we bought eggs from a store for the trip. We ended up buying the Organic high omega 3 caged free eggs, or whatever that really means at $4 a dozen.  I can say the shells were rock hard on those eggs, so they are sure getting a lot of calcium.

After the trip there were a few eggs left over.  I was cooking breakfast and decided to cook them up.  I ended up making some scrambled eggs.  I cracked two of ours and the last two of the store ones into the pan.  I was shocked at the difference side by side.  Our eggs were orange compared to the store's eggs. This is because our chickens truly are cage free and free range on the property.  They eat more grass and other greens which increases the beta-carotene in the egg as well as other micro-nutrients.

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