Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Growing Grass in the Pasture with Natural Alpaca Fertilizer

We moved our alpacas about 6 weeks ago to a new area of pasture that was recently fenced.  They were on the spot for a week, then moved to a different part of the pasture.  Alpacas go to the bathroom as a community; therefore, when they left I turned into there waste into the ground.  I then seeded the whole area with a pasture mix (clover, fescue, oats, grass, and tillage radish.  Originally, the grass is very thin in this pasture, my goal is to improve it to provide more feed to the animals and improve soil quality.

Six weeks later, the part that I turned has mostly grown in about 4 to 5 times as thick and 2 to three times as tall.  I am not a fan of tillage, but in this case it seems like a good way to jump start the pasture from this quick results.  The results have me looking through Craigslist now for a small tiller that I could turn in a pile of alpaca waste with.  With the alpacas we normally shovel off their waste and put it in a pile.  The part that we can't pick up with a shovel is turned into the ground.

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