Sunday, June 23, 2013

Egg Shells Protect Against Moles

This year I planted 25 pea seeds at the beginning of April.  At the end of April only 3 of those plants came up.  Disappointed, I went to check on the other seeds.  I tried to dig one up.  All I found was a mole trench.  I replanted a new batch moving the peas inward by three inches and filled in the mole's trench.  A few weeks later and still no peas.  I checked and the mole trench was back in the old spot.  moles eat earthworms, but I swear they are eating my pea seeds too.  There are a ton of snakes in the garden this year and they could be the issue as well.

There were no problems with peas last year.   Then I remembered last year I started the peas in egg shells and planted the egg shells in the garden.  This year because of direct sowing the seed, egg shells were not used.  Therefore, I decided to do an experiment.  I saved some egg shells and planted the seeds in them.  I planted about twelve new starts and ten have come up so far.

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