Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bulk Potatoes and Homemade Fries

A couple times a year a local grocery store, Chucks, puts a 50 lb box of large russet potatoes on sale.  Last November it was for $4 and this month they had a deal for $6.  Chucks sources most of their produce from local growers; therefore, it is very fresh, so definitely a deal.

The potatoes are very large about 1 1/4 to 2 lbs a piece.  For us they are a perfect size for cutting up into  French Fries or making hash browns.  Frozen fries in the store can cost $2 to 3 a pound and do not taste as good as fresh potatoes or even as good as when we freeze them.  While cutting them it is important to soak them in water so they do not brown.

To freeze the potatoes we use cookie sheets.  Aluminum foil or wax paper is placed on the cookie sheet so the fries do not freeze to it.  The fries are spaced so they are not touching and do not stick together.  Normally, 1 1/2 potatoes will fit on a cookie sheet.  Once full the sheet is placed in the freezer.  A day later we pull them out and put them in a vacuum seal bag.  Then they are vacuum sealed and placed back in the freezer.

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