Monday, March 11, 2013

Chickens and Slugs

I had a good lunch time discovery today.  Our chickens like slugs.  I was dumping some compost and noticed a giant slug on the lid of the bin.  I took it over to the chicken run and threw it in.  They went ape over it. This gives me a nice source of protein for them out of the garden.

Update: March 31st, 2013
Today was a good day to repeat the experiment.  I was out in the garden this morning checking some transplants and I noticed some slugs on the lettuce.  I gathered them up in my hand and took them to the chicken coup.  I dropped them in on their feeder and the chickens went nuts. 

I have to remember to go to the garden with a cup to stop my hand from getting slimmed by all the slugs.

1 comment:

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