Monday, July 30, 2012

The Second Year Berry Area

I was looking through some old pictures on my phone yesterday and came across a couple taken from last year when I was building out what I call the "berry area".  About this time last year I had everything in the ground for about a month and was working on building some more raised beds.

I intermixed 5 different types of Blueberries: Misty, Bluecrop, Bluegold, Jersey, and Toro.  Being that this is year two of Blueberry season, I still don't have full mature bushes. Although, I did get a few berries this year and ended up with about a quart of blueberries.  Lately, I am noticing a lot of new growth happening which is a good sign for next year.

I originally planted 10 strawberry plants consisting of 4 types of strawberries.  I allowed them to send their runners out last year and again this year.  The results were amazing.  About 1/4 of the area has become strawberry plants.  I don't know exactly how many strawberries I have gotten this year but I would say well over two gallons and they are still producing a few a day.

Clover is my green manure, living mulch.  It has provides lots of bees for pollination and being next to the garden this is a great thing. Based on this years results, I believe the strawberries will beat it out in the long run because strawberry plants are growing in the middle of the clover sections.  With the heat of summer the clover is also dying back.

Unfortunately, my wintergreen is not doing much.  It looks like it will be pushed out by the strawberries and clover.  It is green but just not spreading out.  I will have to see how it does in the fall, that is when it produces its berries, which I might try to seed on my own or transplant the plants to a different area.

The black tarp around the bed is weed control.  I plan to bring in some rock to finish off the area's pathways, but this is for another post.