Monday, October 3, 2011

Urine not Sterile

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on using urine as a fertilizer. In the post I mentioned that urine is sterile. My main conclusion was from reading articles on urine and not thinking critically. A co-woker pointed out to me that urine is not sterile at work the other day.

I did some more research on the subject and urine is sterile until it hits the urethra in the body. Here the urine picks up bacteria. This does not necessarily make the urine toxic. Urine only becomes toxic if the body is suffering from an illness such as an Ecoli infection.  Though some waste products in the urine can cause irritation to the skin.

There are many examples of people drinking urine.  Urine Therapy is where urine is drunk to increase the body's immune system.  There have also been many survival cases where a person has drunk their own urine to fight off dehydration.

To the plant world, a study in Finland shows the positive effect of urine on plants.  Therefore, I still like using urine as a fertilizer, but I also do not pour the urine on fruit, leaves or root plants.

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