Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Worm Bed on a Small Scale

A friend of mine gave me a couple of plastic tubs from some Red Vines that he shares at work. One of them I am using as a compost container for the kitchen. I was wondering what to do with the others though.

Then I thought of a worm bed experiment my wife did with the kids a month ago. She cut the top off a 2 liter coke bottle. Then flipped it upside down. Four inches of compost material was added next. Then a few inches of soil was placed on top of the compost material. She dug some worms out of the garden with the kids and threw them in. Finally, the top was filled with a layer of rocks from the driveway. Now, that the bottle was full. Then she turned the bottle and stuck it in a plastic tub that had a few inches of rocks in it. A month later there was beautiful soil in it.

I figured that worked great for the kids and the Red Vine containers are a bit bigger with a real lid. Therefore, there was no cutting involved. I want to start a worm bed anyways for a chicken feed supply when I get them in spring. Thus, it makes sense to turn one of these into a starter worm bin.

I varied her idea for this worm bed. I want to use cardboard as the bottom liner. Then pour some worms in. Then finish it with another layer of cardboard over the worms and let them work. Once they get established, I will add in some of the compost scraps from the kitchen.

First, some holes were drilled in the bottom of the containers so moisture and the worm tea can drip out. This replaces the rocks used in my wife's experiment. Then more holes were drilled lid for air.

For cardboard, I used a pizza box we had from a few nights ago and soaked it in the sink. There wasn't much grease on it. Here is a trick for everyone, soaking cardboard for a few minutes makes it tear apart very easy. This allowed me to easy shred it into one inch pieces within a couple of minutes.

Soaking Cardboard in Sink so it can be torn

After stacking everything in the worm bed was placed in a small bucket. The worm bed was placed on a 3 small pieces of 2x4 inside the bucket. I had these left from another project. This will keep the bottom of the worm bed from sitting in the worm tea.

Worm Bed Small Scale

I am pretty sure this is a good idea for starting a worm bed. The negative thoughts I have are that the worms will multiply and quickly out grow the small worm bed. Another issue that could arise is the worms won't do well because the worm bed is clear plastic. The bed is in the bucket in the garage; therefore, not much light should get in and the risk should be minimized.

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