Friday, September 23, 2011

Split Tomatoes

I have only been on this property for one season now. In the past when I have grown tomatoes in other geographical regions, rarely had one split. After neglecting the garden for a few days, I noticed that 6 ripening tomatoes were lost because they split.

Split Tomatoes

Splitting tomatoes exposes the one problem I did not think about with hugelkultur. The reason the tomatoes split was because of a heavy rain a few days ago. Tomatoes split when the watering pattern increases suddenly. A tomato's skin becomes hardened when it is not expecting more growth due to lack of water. Therefore, the sudden increase in water causes the interior to grow. This growth splits the skin. Because I was using hugelkultur and wanted flavorful tomatoes, I was hardly watering them. I watered once a week during the hot weather. The flavor was amazing for the tomatoes that I have gotten so far.

In the past when growing gardens, I watered every other day on a consistent cycle. When it rained, I would skip a day watering. Therefore, I had a consistent watering pattern.

In the future if it rains heavy, I am going to have to pick the tomatoes during the rain and ripen them inside.

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